Streching is an exercise aimed at restoring elasticity, flexibility and oxygenation to our muscles to keep them healthy, flexible and free from tension. Stretching is a combination of gentle gymnastics, yoga, physical training and other oriental techniques. It has been practiced for hundreds of years, especially in the East and is becoming known in the West. We are all flexible, even if we believe otherwise. At a young age, our body had no tension, we could bend in all directions and that, the brain still remembers. However, over the years, stress, bad posture, work, sports, injuries and especially with the effect of gravity, the muscles contracted, sagged to the ground, thus storing an incredible amount of toxins, this which creates tension, knots (or muscle cords) and which shortens the muscle. Above all, we must understand that our muscles are the actors that allow us to move our skeleton. Without them, we would not be able to walk, dance, run, therefore function. Yes, you can regain your old flexibility.

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