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Very young Marisa is passionate about sport. She practices classical dance for many years giving some performances. She was introduced to country, ballroom dances, and tap dancing. She competed in volleyball with the senior team of Paris X. She rides horseback, where she exercises several disciplines. When she discovered Zumba, she became addicted to it and decided on a professional retraining by passing her sports diploma and the various Zumba certifications (fitness, kids, step, sentao, gold and strong nation). She goes to conventions, she meets and sympathizes with the greatest in the field of Zumba and gives fitness and fitness classes. It organizes large-scale performances such as fitness salons in exhibition centers. To complete her career, she trained in Piloxing and Miapolo (self defense) which gives another dimension to these courses. She also works in ESAT and EHPAD for the well-being of people with disabilities.
Marisa is bubbly and dynamic, she assures you invigorating and entertaining lessons. She is still in a happy mood.
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